UPMC Information Services Division (ISD) is happy to introduce UPMC Access, the new solution for remote access to UPMC enterprise applications. UPMC Access improves the remote access experience with state-of-the-art technology for improved performance and support.

Replacing the Connect@UPMC technology, UPMC Access will be rolled out in a phased approach during February, March, and April. Notably, users will be able to use UPMC Access without the need for special software (such as Juniper) or administrative privileges for their computers.

1.   The initial phase of activation will begin in February and will target those who require remote access to the UPMC network and enterprise applications on a daily basis.
    February – Phase 1: For daily users of Connect@UPMC (remote, external access to the UPMC network; may use remote access exclusively).

2.   The second phase of activation will begin in March and will target those who require remote access to the UPMC network and enterprise applications on a less than daily basis.
    March – Phase 2: For those who use Connect@UPMC weekly, or less than every day (remote, external access to the UPMC network).

  Phases 1 and 2 will impact those who use the standard published applications (Layer 7/Juniper WSAM) for remote access. This includes:
  •    UPMC eRecord:
        Inpatient eRecord (Cerner Core and CHP Zones)
        Ambulatory eRecord (Epic)
        Interoperability (dbMotion)
        Telemedicine (iSite)
  •    UPMC enterprise administrative applications:
        My HUB
        M drives

3.   The third phase of the UPMC Access rollout will meet the needs of specialized users who need specialized levels of access, such as Radiology and Help Desk staff. This rollout is scheduled for April availability.

To assure quality customer service, UPMC Access is being carefully and deliberately converted to groups of users to assure that they will have access to both the old Connect@UPMC and new UPMC Access remote access solutions during the first two weeks of use. As users are phased in, they will receive a personal email providing instructions on what they need to do and how they can obtain any assistance, if necessary, to ensure there is no interruption in their remote access. After the initial conversion, Connect@UPMC user accounts will be disabled in a similar fashion.

The initial enrollment process should not take longer than five minutes to complete, and is summarized as follows:

1.   Open your browser and add *.upmc.com to your list of Trusted Sites.
2.   Complete device registration.
3.   Restart your browser.
4.   Log in to https://access.upmc.com.

Conversion support information is available online at https://accesshelp.upmc.com.

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