Your Idea + The Beckwith Institute =
Better Care for Our Patients
  The best ideas come from those who deliver care to our patients every day. If you could propose one idea to help improve patient care at the bedside, what would it be?
Apply to the Beckwith Institute’s Frontline Innovation Program for a $10,000 grant to turn your idea into a reality.

Submission Deadline: Monday, Oct. 6
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  Applicants are encouraged to focus on one or more of the following criteria:
Emphasize innovation that is focused on the present.
Improve patient care at the bedside.
Increase efficiency of care and reduce care variations.
Enhance clinical leadership skills.
Align point-of-care relationships and processes to support effective quality and safety outcomes.
Support the development of palliative care at a clinical level, including education strategies and clinical practice changes.
The Beckwith Institute’s Frontline Innovation Program
The Frontline Innovation Program was established by the Beckwith Institute, in partnership with UPMC, to encourage the discovery and development of best practices that advance the quality of health care locally and nationally, and to recognize those who make a positive contribution to patient care. We encourage ideas, creativity, and ingenuity from all roles across UPMC, including frontline staff members, leaders, clinicians, and non-clinicians, to have a positive impact on patient care.
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