UPMC | Fiscal Year 2017 Annual Report

MUSCULOSKELETAL INJURY PREVENTION PROGRAM There is no denying that nursing is physically straining. In collaboration with UPMC WorkPartners, a division that helps us prevent and evaluate injuries to our staff, UPMC Center for Nursing Excellence is in the initial stages of analyzing our nurses’ musculoskeletal injuries related to patient handling. The Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention program is a systemwide initiative. Initially, we are creating a safe patient handling program using EBP. One of the most successful solutions to avoiding these injuries is to use lifts to assist in moving patients. Mechanical lift equipment is incorporated into patient rooms and available to relieve strain on nurses while moving patients. Equipment and preventative strategies across UPMC will be part of best practices in patient handling that will be implemented with input from representatives from the UPMC Center for Nursing Excellence, UPMC WorkPartners, Human Resources, Employee Health, and different leaders and front-line staff. EMPOWERING NURSES THROUGH ELECTRONIC SCHEDULING ShiftSelect ® is a web-based, real-time scheduling system that allows staff to submit their preferred schedules, to request time off, and to access their schedule from nearly anywhere. It supports managers with their scheduling and staffing responsibilities, as well as their payroll. In addition to the initial installation in our four urban hospitals, ShiftSelect was implemented in five facilities in the nursing inpatient setting this year. Nurses, support staff, and managers are benefiting from this technological solution. Prior to ShiftSelect, scheduling varied throughout UPMC. This often resulted in duplicate manual work. During leadership rounding and through other venues, staff consistently voiced their desire for an electronic solution. The National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI) measures the degree to which nurses feel they have influence over their schedule. For this measure the 2016 survey revealed increases of between 2.3% to 7.2% in the first four hospitals to use ShiftSelect over the previous year’s score. Of the units using ShiftSelect, 60% to 80% scored above the national mean for influence over their schedule. For units not using ShiftSelect, 33% to 41% scored above the national mean. This suggests that ShiftSelect has a positive impact on how nurses’ perceive scheduling. Focusing on easy access to scheduling, ShiftSelect offers a mobile app that allows staff to view their current schedule and submit for time off. In the future, they will be able to submit to work additional shifts and to perform shift trades with their colleagues via the mobile app. In addition to nurses having a greater ability to submit their scheduling preferences, managers can make better and more timely decisions. Those decisions are immediately visible to all of their staff. ShiftSelect * in FY17 was implemented on the inpatient units at: UPMC Presbyterian UPMC Shadyside UPMC Mercy Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC UPMC McKeesport UPMC St. Margaret UPMC East UPMC Passavant *Plan is to continue to implement ShiftSelect atadditional campuses and in other specialty areas. “Of the units using ShiftSelect, 60% to 80% scored above the national mean for influence over their schedule. For units not using ShiftSelect, 33% to 41% scored above the national mean.” LORRAINE BROCK, MSN, RN DIRECTOR, WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT UPMC CENTER FOR NURSING EXCELLENCE 11 | UPMC Center for Nursing Excellence End of fiscal year 2017: ShiftSelect is used by employees on units. 7,450 191