UPMC | Fiscal Year 2017 Annual Report

TALENT ROUND UP: INNOVATIVE METHODS FOR COACHING AND MENTORING 2016 marked the fifth year of the Talent Round Up for nurses from across UPMC. Talent Round Up is an intensive and interactive workshop where UPMC nurses have an opportunity to re-energize their careers, learn about interview preparation, and more. From personalized, one-on-one coaching and mentoring by clinical and HR leaders, to networking and meeting with academic partners, the two half-day sessions are packed with customized learning opportunities. Talent Round Up boasts many success stories about nurses who have moved seamlessly through the UPMC system to take their career where they wanted it to go. NURSING TALENT ROUND UP 6-MONTH POST-EVENT OUTCOMES Program Attendance Post-Event Survey Response Rate Outcome Enrolled in school Completed degree Earned certification Joined a new UPMC council or committee Joined a new specialty nursing organization external to UPMC Revised their resume Took a new role within UPMC 2015 99 69% 39% 30% 26% 41% 21% 83% 38% 2016 85 69% 45% 39% 33% 38% 33% 87% 43% Increase/Decrease 14% 15% 30% 27% 7% 57% 5% 13% 130 nurses and mentors participated in the 2016 Talent Round Up. UPMC Center for Nursing Excellence | 6