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“Patientsget thebest of bothworldshere,”
saysAlexChen,MD, radiationoncologist,
UPMCPassavant. “UPMCPassavant’svision
for creating this cancer centerwas toallow
patients tobe treatedclose tohomewithout
Powerful andPreciseRadiationTreatment
Manycancer patients receive radiation
therapyaspart of their treatment plan,
andmost radiation regimens requiredaily
visits to thehospital.“Havingadvancedcancer
treatmentclose tohomehelpsease the
stressand strainonpatientsand their
families,” explainsDr. Chen.
Located in thehospital’spavilion,
providesadvanced services for prostate,
breast, lung, esophageal, upper gastrointes-
tinal, lymphoma, headandneck, pancreatic,
colorectal, liver, andgynecologiccancers.
High-end treatmentmodalities in radiation
oncology include:
Intensity-modulated radiation therapy
4D respiratory-gated radiation therapy
On-Board Imager® (OBI)— to improve
tumor targetingand treatment
Brachytherapy—highdose rate (HDR)
and lowdose rate (LDR)
“Targetingapatient’s radiation therapy
to treat the tumor andnot thehealthy
surrounding tissue ishighlydependent
upon thesecutting-edge technologies,”
saysDr. Chen.
Powerful andprecise, these treatment
modalitiesenabledoctors to target a tumor
anddeliver ahighdoseof radiationwith
pinpoint accuracy todestroycancer cells,
whileprotecting surroundinghealthy tissue.
“That is theessenceof good radiation
treatment,” saysDr. Chen.
Studiesby theNational Cancer Institute
(NCI) and theNational InstitutesofHealth
confirm that patientsaremore satisfiedwith
their care, haveamuchbetter experience,
and receivehigher-quality, evidence-based
medicinewhen treatedat amultidisciplinary
cancer center.
“Diagnosingandmanagingcancer isacomplex
processrequiring theexpertiseofawiderange
ofhighly trainedprofessionals,”explainsKiran
Mehta,MD, a radiationoncologist atUPMC
Passavant. That team, including surgical,
radiation, andmedical oncologists, along
withavarietyof other specialistsand
tocancer treatment atUPMCPassavant.
“Wework together todevelopa treatment
plan that is specific toeachpatient’sneeds,”
Pathways forUniformCare
UPMCPassavant ispart of theUPMC
CancerCenter network. Togetherwith its
academicpartner, theUniversityof
PittsburghCancer Institute, the region’s
CancerCenter, thenetworkprovides the
samehigh-quality standardsof careand
clinical trials that youwouldexpect at
HillmanCancerCenter, but inyour own
community, thanks to theClinical
Clinical Pathwaysaredisease-specific
treatment regimensdevelopedby teams
of academicandclinical oncologistswho
regularlyreviewcurrent literatureandclinical
practices toupdate thePathways formore
than90percentofcancer types.Dr.Chen
explains, “Pathwaysallowoncologists to take
advantageofmedical evidence, collective
experience, andknowledgebaseof apanel
of experts tomake informeddecisionsabout
“Becausewearepart of theUPMC
CancerCenter network,weareable to
continuallybring the latestadvances in
cancerprevention, detection, diagnosis, and
treatment to theNorthHillsandsurrounding
communities,” saysDr.Mehta
To learnmoreaboutUPMCCancerCenter
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When apatient is diagnosedwith cancer, locating the
highest-quality treatment is oneof themost important
decisions theywillmake.
At UPMCCancerCenter at UPMCPassavant, residents in the
NorthHills and surrounding communitieswill findhigh-
quality cancer care, with state-of-the-art technology, and
a skilledandcompassionate staff right in theirowncommunity.
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